#RealTalk Life Letter vol 42 - Important updates and announcements.
Most of my time over the last few days has been to educate myself on how I can best benefit the #BlackLivesMatter movement and other initiatives suppor…
SPECIAL EPISODE: Giving way to colorblindness.Listen now (8 min) | This is a special podcast episode and post supporting #BlackLivesMatter. 
#PodcastBlackoutI was wrong in what I said yesterday about social media. I will not engage in hate-talk, but as a writer and leading voice, I can use my social media s…
I tried to find a PC way to title this post, but nothing expressed the heart of how I’m feeling better. 
#RealTalk Life Letter vol 40 - Enough with the doom and gloom.
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#RealTalk Life Letter vol 38 - An origin story.
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