Embrace change.

#RealTalk vol 13

Jae Hermann

Opportunities to reinvent or transition from one life chapter to a new one give us a chance to reset, but a reset doesn't have to mean a complete do-over. Everything we learn and encounter gets added to past experiences, building upon the layers of our foundation. We grow in wisdom with each new layer even though it can feel like we’re starting over. 

Change can feel especially tough if we cling to self-doubt, or we worry about the perceptions of others.

I’m a creature of habit. I find comfort in familiar places and predictable patterns. There’s security in the rhythm of repeating patterns, but I learned to relish the thrill of trying new things, figuring out logistics, and other geeky stuff. I learned to accept new ventures as opportunities to discover something new, get out of my comfort zone, and prove to myself that I could despite feeling afraid. 

I spent years worrying about public perception because I chose to pivot, to transition, to try new careers and projects. I feared my reinventions were judged as failures. I now appreciate each opportunity as a stepping stone that has led me to where I am now. 

When faced with an option to try something new, what would happen if you decided to release fear and self-doubt, or the judgment of others?

Understand that change is good. You haven’t failed when you choose to try something new. A transition or reinvention doesn't mean you’re starting from scratch; you’re only adding a new layer. You learn and grow with each new layer added to your foundation. And, don’t worry about what other folks think of your life changes, it’s your life. 

This Week in #RealTalk

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😳 Bits that made my ears perk: My good friend Jas recently wrote about being skinny-shamed by family, which I totally get. Like Jas, I’m fortunate that my skinny is au-natural even though I eat my fair share of cheeseburgers, albeit healthy ones. Imagine my distress to read my beloved meatless burgers are under fire. Have you tried meatless burgers? Yay or nay?

✉️ More to read: Celebrate good news. The Goodnewsletter created by Good Good Good shares stories and tools designed to leave you feeling less overwhelmed, and more capable of being a part of the good in the world. There’s also a weekly podcast and a physical newspaper called the Goodnewspaper. Check it out here: http://goodnewsletter.org/join

Be inspired: While we can’t change the basic structure of our days, we can do things to change how we live out our daily lives.

🗣 News! Later this month, I’m going to be a guest on the Midlife-a-Go-Go podcastThis is What Midlife Looks Like. A huge part of why I started writing #RealTalk is to make sense of my midlife, but the true benefit is sharing and igniting badassery in others. I'm honored to share my story with Valerie's listeners. I'll share the link soon!

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