Don't force the funk.

#RealTalk vol 5

Jae Hermann

Have you ever found yourself feeling stuck in a funk? So stuck that you feel paralyzed to make decisions? I'm not talking about deciding which bagel to eat for breakfast; I'm talking about big life stuff, like should I take that new job or move to another country big.

My go-to for making big life decisions is to commit to making a change and then do whatever speaks loudest to my heart. In practice, trying to pull yourself out of a funk so that you can focus isn't that easy, I know because I'm in a funk right now. 

Feeling funky takes the creative juice out of me, which in turn makes me feel stuck, which then leaves me feeling like I'm failing.

I'm trying a change in perspective. Rather than judge downtime as good or bad, I'm going to take the pause and focus on being present. What do you think about allowing solutions to come to you rather than continually worrying and chasing answers? 

Right now, I'm vacationing in FL; actually, I've gone home again to decide how my next chapter will unfold. So forgive me that this letter is brief. I hope to come back to you next time around with insights and clarity. 

If you're feeling stuck at an impasse, take a beat. Don't force the funk. Know that feeling stuck doesn't define you. You're not at the end credits, it’s just another chapter in your life.  

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