You had one job...

It’s crazy how some folks can’t be trusted with the simplest of tasks. Right??

Not me. I promised to show up for you each week and here I am. Thanks for having me by the way. 

If you’re new to #RealTalk, welcome. I’m Jae, writer, editor, storyteller, podcast host, and badassery advocate. I do lots of stuff.

For you, I endeavor to share a bit of my midlife mayhem via personal stories & essays, now dubbed #RealTalk Life Letters. Here are a few good ones you may have missed:

“I live by my checklists. I need order and structure to feel in control, to properly plan and feel accomplished. But I’ve learned that to-do checklists also remove us from moments. We're shortchanging our present to plan for a day we might not see. A few years ago I had a life-altering experience that completely changed my perspective about productivity and priorities.” Read: I’m dying tomorrow, now what?

“Anger, sadness, envy, and regret are monsters of the same fold. They are birthed from moments we try to hide away but can't or don't know how to express for fear of judgment or disappointment. Or hell, sometimes it feels easier and safer to pacify ourselves into believing that if we ignore them, our monsters will slink away or stay hidden in the closet forever; more lies.” Read: Monsters

“Some days I drive without giving that terrible day any thought, and yet other days, the days when my heart races as I start the engine, I tell myself, “You’re okay. You’re safe. Your fear isn’t real. Get out of your head.” Read: The truth about my fear of driving.

“Vision loss later in life doesn’t happen overnight; the process is typically slow-going. Sort of like your body’s decay is meant to give you time to adjust to near bat-like status. I never thought I’d be one of those people feeling like a mere mortal.” Read: Losing my vision opened my eyes to gratitude.

Just recently, I launched #5Things as a community chat for us to engage and learn more about each other. In case you missed out, here’s the debut and last week’s prompt. It’d be great to read everyone’s TV and movie picks so please comment and share. 

Now that the #RealTalk in Real-time podcast Season 1 has wrapped, tell me, what did you think? Did you have a fav guest? 

Catch up if you missed an episode:

I’m using this week as a look-back while I take some much-needed time to regroup. I’m tired folks. No, scratch that, I’m weary and in need of a break.

I want to keep my promise to bring you engaging stories, but I can’t do that in my current state of mind. I will come back to you soon with renewed vigor and new stories.

I’m also working on RealTalk in Real-time Season 2 set to launch this May, so stay tuned for new episodes. If you’re a creative or know one who’d be a great guest, get in touch.

I sincerely hope that you and your loved ones are safe and sane during this unprecedented time. Be well 💛

xo, jae

P.S. HUGE thanks to Paul A. and Ursula S. for the generous cups of coffee this week.

P.P.S. And how cool, Buy Me A Coffee CEO, JiJo Sunny bought me a cup too!